Color Photographs From Miriam's World—and Mine

Miriam at age 20.
Miriam Luby Wolfe,
09/26/68-12/21/88. Page xiv.

Miriam at ten months.
Miriam at ten Months. Page 127.

Miriam at three years.
And at Three Years. Page 127.

At age four, the two at Hershey<br /> Park Zoo.
At age four, the two of us at Hershey
Park Zoo—Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Page 127.

Miriam in Greek jumper
Kindergarten: wearing Greek jumper
that Grandpa Saul Pollack brought
back from an international
Psychoanalytic convention. Page 128.

The two cousins with Grandpa Saul
At age eight hamming it up with her cousin
Marlene Pollack (right), Grandpa Saul and
his golden retriever, Jerome. The girls are
wearing tams that Grandpa brought back
from Scotland. Page 128.

Miriam's first puppy
Her first puppy. She named him Shane
Henry. Page 129.

Miriam holding Cuddles
Miriam with Cuddles. Page 129.

Miriam with Hoppy
Miriam with Hoppy. Page 130.

Miriam with Midnight.
Miriam with Midnight who was so pitch
black, we constantly stumbled over her.
Page 130.

Basketball at thirteen.
At thirteen she played basketball and
clarinet and ran the mile. Page 131.

Her ceramic mask in art show.
Standing by her ceramic mask in
comunity art show. Page 131

MGM on the set of "CHiPS".
Visiting MGM in Los Angeles—on the
set of "CHiPS" with actor Robert Pine
and Miriam's friend Wendy Moser.
Page 131.

Miriam's apple tree.
The Delicious apple tree she planted
at age five. Page 132.

Miriam's office in a tree.
At thirteen she stuck this board in our
maple tree and called it the office. "I'm
going to the office, Mom." Page 132.

Miriam and Chris.
On vacation with stepbrother Chris
Spencer. Page 133.

Rehearsing with Bonnie
Severna Park High School Senior Class
Play, rehearsing with friend Bonnie.
Page 133.

Activist at seventeen.
An activist at seventeen—taking a stand against high
school play censorship. Page 134.

High School Sophmore Year.
A Syracuse friend took this endearing
photo during their sophmore year.
Page 135.

Miriam and Jackie at Myrna's graduation
My three girls, May 1987. With me,
from left: Jackie Mild Lau, Myrna
Mild Spurrier (receiving her master's
in art education) and Miriam.
Page 136.

The two of us in her dorm room at S.U.
Syracuse University, sophomore year
—the two of us in her dorm room.
Page 136.

Miriam in clown makeup
Miriam in clown makeup. Page 137.

Performing at Darien Lake.
Performing at Darien Lake, NY.
Page 137.

Performing at S.U.
As the shrill, fluttery Mrs. Spenser in
Anne of Green Gables sophomore year
at Syracuse U. Page 137.

London Cafe
At a London cafe, Miriam with three
friends—(clockwise from lower left)
her flatmate Jessica Frankel and
friends Christine Venier and
Anne Husac. Page 138.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Page 138.

Miriam in Wales
On a three-day trip to Wales. Page 139.

Miriam's Grave
Miriam's grave in Anapolis. Page 139.

Memorial Wall at S.U.
The memorial wall at Syracuse University.
Page 140.

Rememberance Garden.
The Garden of Rememberance in
Lockerbie,Scotland. Page 140.

Miriam's Plaque
Our plaque for Miriam in the Garden
of Rememberance. Page 141.

Cairn at Arlington.
At Arlington National Cemetary the
memorial is a Scottish cairn—270 stones,
one for each victim, mined from a quarry
near Lockerbie and donated by the
Scottish people. Page 141.

Rememberance Quilt
Page 142.

Miriam's quilt patch.
Miriam's block on the Rememberance Quilt.
Page 143.