Miriam's World—and Mine, A memoir by Rosemary Mild.

A comprehensive book, including the original 1999 edition Miriam's Gift:, and all the joyous inspiration and terrible injustice that followed in the next dozen years.

Miriam Luby Wolfe had everything to live for. As a junior at Syracuse University, she was spending her fall semester in London exploring her many talents: singing, dancing, acting, directing, teaching and writing. But she never made it home. On Dec. 21, 1988, her plane exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 aboard and 11 residents on the ground—all victims of a terrorist bomb.

When the Scottish police miraculously returned Miriam's personal effects to her mother, Rosemary Mild discovered new dimensions to her only child: a writer/scholar/activist with the heart and insight of a philosopher.

Rosemary, in the section devoted to Miriam's Gift, takes the reader on a journey from the intense grief of a mother's loss to the renewed courage inspired by Miriam's legacy of love, humor, and idealism.

In the section devoted to Miriam's World—and Mine, Rosemary continues the journey through the perpetrators' trial, their appeals, and the calculated injustice and political betrayals that followed. Miriam's joy, light, and inspiration beam through all the darkness to provide courage and meaning to her life.

Miriam's World by Rosemary Mild
ISBN 978-0-9838597-0-3 Magic Island Literary Works

Each year Rosemary presents autographed copies of Miriam's World—and Mine to the winners of scholarships in Miriam's memory.

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