About the Authors Rosemary and Larry Mild
Larry & Rosemary

Coauthors, Rosemary and Larry Mild write cozy mysteries, adventure/thrillers, short stories, articles, and essays. Their marriage has not only withstood the loss of their daughter Miriam to terrorism, but the daily test of writing back to back in the same room. Rosemary is a career writer and editor. Larry is an electrical engineer turned writer. Both are members of Mystery Writers of America, Inc., Hawaii Fiction Writers, and Sisters In Crime (Larry is a Mister in Crime). They are both former members of Maryland Writers' Association. They are both available for book talks and book clubs.

The Milds now live full time in Honolulu, Hawaii. They are also avid world travelers and have thus far traveled to Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Israel, Egypt, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the British Isles. Larry and especially Rosemary root for the Washington Commanders Football team (Well maybe next year?). Rosemary has a Forty-four-year history with "Jazzersize" They enjoy swimming, walking and tennis, but active sports are no longer available for ninety-one-year-old Larry.
Larry & Rosemary

ROSEMARY, a graduate of Smith College, is a former assistant editor of Harper's, a managing editor of Chemical Times &Trends, and an engineering writer at Westinghouse. She is the author of the much acclaimed Miriam's Gift: A Mother's Blessings—Then and Now and the more recently published Miriam's World—and Mine. She is also the author of Love! Laugh! Panic! Life With My Mother, a daughter's growing pains in dealing with her mother aspirations. She has published articles in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Washington Parent, Washington Woman, Senior Highlights, Smith Alumnae Quarterly, and elsewhere. She is a former member of the National Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists. Rosemary is also available to speak on "From Hurt to Healing: Writing your personal story." Rosemary grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
LARRY, a graduate of American University, designed and documented electronic equipment and systems for Honeywell, Alliant Techsystems, and Chesapeake Instrument Corporation. Earlier, he rode U.S. Naval ships as a global field engineer for RCA. Larry has written for and presented peer papers to government and professional organizations. Larry not only maintains this website, but formats all our books for paperback, Kindle, and Nook. He is a former member of the Institute of Radio Engineers and the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers. He has also written an op-ed piece for the Baltimore Sun that was written into the Congressional Record by Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland. Larry grew up in New Haven Connecticut.

Rosemary and Larry Mild share one office. They write back to back five to six hours each day and so far they haven't killed each other. In the late afternoons they walk on the trails at Magic Island near their Honolulu home.