Death Rules the Night, the fourth Dan and Rivka Sherman Murder Mystery
by Larry and Rosemary Mild

Dan wants to know why why copies of a book on the history of the Atkins family have disappeared not only from the bookstore, but from all the local libraries and even the author's bookshelves. Someone is trying to hide their secrets, but who is it and what are they trying to hide? Does it have anything to with the old Atkins family mansion? Can stalkings, threats, and even murder sway Dan from solving this mystery? Rivka fears for his life.

Thom Dwyer, a retired truck driver, is ready to confess sins he and another driver committed twenty years earlier. How can his confession possibly help Dan solve his mystery? And who are the newcomers to the bookstore?

Death Rules the Night front cover
ISBN 978-0-9905472-6-6 Magic Island Literary Works (Spring 2021)
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