Unto the Third Generation,
A Thought Provoking Science Fiction Novella by Rosemary & Larry Mild.

Rosemary and Larry's science-fiction tale will chill you to the core. Two young people, unaware of each other's existence, volunteer to become cryonauts—physically frozen in a life suspension experiment. Leonard Tall-Chief, a high-steel worker, and Francine Mapleton, a waitress, postpone their destinies for untold generations

The year 2039 would be unremarkable except for two world-shaking events. The first marks a giant breakthrough for the well-being of all mankind. For once, no man, woman or child will ever go hungry again. Everyone will benefit from partaking of this discovery. But should they?

The second event poses a threat to the human race itself—a disease that tortures, teases and ultimately kills. Will it spell the end of all human life?

It will take three generations before these two events clash. And when they do, the very lives of Leonard and Francine will be at stake.

<i><b>Unto the Third Generation, A Novella of the Future</b></i> by Rosemary and Larry Mild
ISBN:978-0-9905472-2-8. Magic Island Literary Works

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