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On Guns

The power wielded by the National Rifle Association is shameful—their continuing efforts to stifle reasonable gun regulation. We have arrived at a point in history where our U.S. Constitution and its amendments have proven to be more than a successful experiment. So where is the need for ordinary citizens to carry automatic and semiautomatic weapons and modification/upgrade devices to ensure the stability of our government and the freedom of its citizens. We have the military and law enforcement to do the ensuring. Why must we continue to manufacture and distribute these weapons of mass murder? The number of mass-murder incidents is sharply on the rise, and it seems that mostly the neglected, the immature, the unstable, and the out and out criminal are seeking their fifteen minutes of fame through perpetration of such events. It's become a copycat thing for personal recognition and sensation in all the media.

Any loaded gun and a loss of temper is a bad mixture. Any gun in the wrong hands is a no no. A loaded automatic or semiautomatic gun within city limits should be a crime. Perhaps the possession of these weapons should be as well. The number of such weapons in circulation is disgraceful. How many weapons are needed by one person? How many are passed on to others illegally? How many get lost in the current system? Why aren't gun show exhibitors/sellers subjected to the same laws as the gun shops? Shouldn't ammunition be limited and sold only to the licensed as well? What is lacking in background checks and waiting periods? Do they consider intended usage, personal gun count, mental stability, and extremist leanings? If not, they should be considered.

More appropriate licensing of legitimate hunters and recreational shooters can still be the means to uphold their rights to bear arms without creating undue fear among the populace. Hunters needn't load a weapon anywhere but on legitimate hunting grounds. Recreational shooters needn't load their weapons except at a legitimate shooting range. Rented on-duty law-enforcement escorts could replace the need for any hand-gun carry permits. Hand-gun only permits could still be issued to business owners for possession just within their business confines. Turn-in guns collected by the police should be destroyed, not resold at auction to raise cash. Background checks should include a thirty-day waiting period to cool and reconsider their weapon's use. These checks should also include a thorough state and Federal law enforcement records search and a medical records search for mental disorders. And at the very least, include a thirty-minute interview with a police psychologist/phychiatrist to ascertain why he or she wants to buy a gun. And, of course, gun shows should be just by-invitation shows with no physical over-the-counter gun sales on show site.