The Moaning Lisa
by Larry and Rosemary Mild

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If you loved Paco and Molly in Locks and Cream Cheese, Hot Grudge Sunday, and Boston Scream Pie—You’re sure to love The Moaning Lisa even more. Their fourth thrilling murder mystery with a smidgen of humor.

Paco and Molly have reached that certain age and have moved into Next to Heaven, an assisted living facility. If you think everything is just peaches and cream there, you are dead wrong. Fellow residents are going missing and no one seems to know what is happening to them. One of the residents is a sleepwalker and claims to have heard mysterious moaning during his night walking, but he can’t seem to remember where he heard them. The residents are getting nervous and want to know why this is happening. Even though he is retired head of the Black Rain Corners police force, Inspector Paco LeSoto is asked by a few residents to look into the matter. And naturally, Molly has her nose into the mystery as well.

The Moaning Lisa
ISBN 979-8-9863864-1-6 Magic Island Literary Works (Spring 2024)

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The Moaning Lisa
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Chapter 1


Baltimore County, Maryland, November 1986