No Place To Be But Here, My life and Times
by Larry Mild

Follow Larry Mild's life as the introverted, chubby youth struggles through his formative years to eventually find success and fulfillment as a technician in the U.S. Navy, as a digital design engineer, and, finally, as a mystery author. Track his successes and slips as he attempts to deal with every challenge and blessing tossed his way.

It is not only his own story, but that of his family. Join him as he tells how his two wives, three children, and five grandchildren have shaped his life as much as he has molded theirs. Tragedy is certainly no stranger as he deals with death, cancer, murder, and global terrorism, not only on the written page, but in his own life.

Learn about the many unusual positions he's managed and some of the design projects he's brought to fruition. Trace his path to becoming a mystery author. Travel with Larry and his wife,Rosemary, to Hawaii, Japan, China, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Egypt with color pictures.

<i><b>No Place To Be But Here, My life and Times</b></i> by Larry Mild
ISBN:978-0-9905472-1-1. Magic Island Literary Works (Spring 2019)

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