Locks and Cream Cheese, A Paco and Molly Murder Mystery by Larry and Rosemary Mild.

Paco LeSoto, a dapper retired detective, and, Molly Mesta, a witty housekeeper/cook, team up as an endearing pair of sleuths. They encounter murder and mayhem among the residents of Black Rain Corners, a quaint Maryland town on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. A million-dollar painting and a jeweled antique key disappear from Marche House mansion. Hidden rooms, locked doors, secrets out of the past, and dead bodies embroil the town's elite Historical Society in sizzling scandal. Trapped in the web of suspicion are a psychoanalyst, an alcoholic gambler, a mob enforcer, an iron-pumping gigolo, and an art dealer from the Orient. Paco and Molly expose the mansion's secrets.

Locks and Cream Cheese by Larry & Rosemary Mild
ISBN:978-0-9838597-4-1. Magic Island Literary Works (2nd Edition)

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