Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother,
A Dynamic Roller-Coaster, Mother/Daughter Relationship by Rosemary Mild.

Don't we all have mixed emotions about our mothers? But how many of us have a mother like Rosemary's: multi-talented, yet super-tough to live with? Luby Pollack was a widely published journalist, popular book author, and even an artist of sorts. She sometimes had a daunting role to play. In the delivery room during Rosemary's birth, her psychiatrist husband ordered her not to make any noise during labor—it was "unseemly for a doctor's wife."

Rosemary Pollack Mild started to write a book strictly about herself, but that didn't go so well. She discovered that Mother popped up on every page. Looming. Encouraging. Warning. Always the Protagonist, the Star, the Heroine, the Antagonist, and sometimes the Villain from the viewpoint of a loving but ornery daughter.

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<i><b>Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother</b></i> by Rosemary Mild
ISBN:978-0-9838597-7-2. Magic Island Literary Works

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Mother(5yrs) in foreground with Lucy & parents in Russia (1913)                 Father at 14,                 Mother at 10
Harry and Elizabeth Bragarnick and Family                                 Saul and Luby grew up together—parents were friends.

Newlyweds return from England in 1932.       I was the first Bragarnick grandchild.         My parents vacationing in Cuba in 1952.
The couple on the right

Brother and sister, John Roger Pollack and me.                           Our house on N. Woodburn St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pollack family pet sitting Curly, a friend's dog                               A family diner at the Bragarnicks.

Grandpa Harry, father's mentor.    Father's parents, Minnie & Henry Pollack.    Mother's parents, Elizabeth and Harry Pollack.

Luby Bragarnick in 1928.                     Lucy Bragarnick in 1928.                Mother, John & me with our golden retriever, Blaze.

My brother, John, in high school.                  Debutante me, making mother happy.              Mother in her Paris suit.

1987. Dr. Saul Pollack (father) in his garden with (Oedipus) Rex.    2013. Rosemary and Larry Mild.    Ann and John Pollack.