Hot Grudge Sunday, A Paco and Molly Murder Mystery by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Paco LeSoto, a dapper retired detective, and his new wife, Molly, a witty housekeeper/cook return as the same two endearing sleuths who enchanted you in Locks and Cream Cheese. But conspirators and bank robbers sour their honeymoon bus trip through Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon aboard a Vermillion Tours luxury bus. The fates of 47 passengers are thrown together, not only for the wonderment of sights and their history, but for thievery, malice, and murder. For 14 days vicious schemes unfold—passions as spectacular as the scenery.

Hot Grudge Sunday by Larry & Rosemary Mild
ISBN 978-0-9838597-3-4
Magic Island Literary Works (2nd Edition)
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