Death Takes A Mistress, the Second Dan and Rivka Sherman Murder Mystery
by Larry and Rosemary Mild.

Rosemary and Larry Mild have created another exciting new mystery in the series featuring reluctant amateur sleuths Daniel and Rivka Sherman. The Shermans have given up successful professional careers as engineer and editor to become booksellers in The Olde Victorian book store in Annapolis, Maryland.

After twenty-three years, the daughter of a mistress seeks revenge from the lover who killed her mother and deserted her at age three months. Ivy, the daughter, follows the cold case clues from London, England to Annapolis, Maryland, where she discovers that her father and killer belong to one of four families. But which one?

Ivy seeks employment as a clerk at The Olde Victorian Bookstore where she finds friendship, advice, love, and caution from Dan and Rivka. The Shermans use their old connections at Scotland Yard to obtain Ivy's mother's diary, but it is soon stolen. Will they get it back? Does it contain the clues they need? Will Ivy cause fear and havoc in the four families—enough to put her own life in jeopardy?

Death Takes A Mistress front cover
ISBN 978-0-9838597-5-8
Magic Island Literary Works
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