Death Goes Postal, A Dan and Rivka Sherman Murder Mystery
by Larry and Rosemary Mild

Rosemary and Larry Mild have created an exciting new mystery series featuring reluctant amateur sleuths Daniel and Rivka Sherman. The Shermans have given up successful professional careers as engineer and editor to become booksellers in The Olde Victorian Bookstore in Annapolis, Maryland.

Rare fifteenth–century typesetting artifacts journey through time, leaving behind not only their original innovation but a horrifying imprint of murder, robbery, and kidnapping in their wake.

Professor Abner Fraume, brother of the bookstore's former owner, possesses these artifacts and gives his life to protect their whereabouts. A greedy colleague poses as one of several newcomers to a literary critique group sponsored by The Olde Victorian Bookstore. This villain leaves a trail of disaster in Bath, England; Annapolis, Maryland and the Deep South.

Dan and Rivka risk life and limb solving puzzles to locate the hidden artifacts and unmask the manic–depressive suspect behind the crimes. The conundrum's path involves the Internet, a young lad's term paper, the U.S. mails, the FBI, and Scotland Yard. Is it any wonder that Death Goes Postal?

Death Goes Postal front cover
ISBN 978-0-9838597-1-0
Magic Island Literary Works (2012)
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