Charley and the Magic Jug and Other Short Stories
by Larry and Rosemary Mild

Mystery coauthors Rosemary and Larry Mild bring you a another collection of their original stories—delightfully twisted tales of intrigue and imagination. Come experience the varied world of the short story with them.

Climb with Charley up the Hungarian mountain side to the secret cave in “Charley and the Magic Jug.” Watch three brothers face a sweet but certain death in “Death by Agreement.” Learn how a tiny pill can change the lives of four sinister people in “The Pill.” Getaway through time with thieves Mitch and Willy in the “Matching Years.” See what the high wind and water reveal in “Tsunami.” Jog through the Hawaiian park with Morgan in search of romance in “Roses.” Join Philip in resisting the greatest “Temptation.” Follow Casey as he chases the ladies in “On the Prowl.” Peek in on an organ transplant in “Oliver and a Liver.” Listen to how Bartoc guards his treasure with sound in “The Metronome.” Live on through the magic of “The Old Gold Watch.” Frolic with the fractured fairy tales; Learn from the Menehene ledgends; And so much more.

Charley and the Magic Jug and Other Short Stories
ISBN 978-0-9905472-7-3 Magic Island Literary Works (Spring 2021)
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