Boston Scream Pie, A Paco and Molly Murder Mystery by Larry and Rosemary Mild.

Paco LeSoto, a dapper retired detective, and his wife, Molly, a witty housekeeper/cook, return as the same endearing sleuths who enchanted you in Locks and Cream Cheese and Hot Grudge Sunday.

Caitlin Neuman awakes from a persisting nightmare, which could be a recollection of a past disaster or an eerie insight into some family she's never met. Then again, it could be just a bad dream. She engages Paco and Molly to find out the truth. Their investigation uncovers an unlikely link to the Boston family and a string of suspicious deaths. The Bostons reside in a sprawling Chesapeake Bay beachside home not thirty miles from the Neumans. Widower Newton Boston and his blonde bombshell wife, Delylah, are newlyweds. Her adult children, Chester and Ellen, churn up vicious undercurrents that threaten the entire household. Four deceased husbands lie in Delylah's past. When another family member dies under mysterious circumstances, the clues point to murder. The LeSotos see through the sinister connections. But can they stop yet another killing, bring justice to the culprits, and restore peace to both families?

<i>Boston Scream Pie</i> by Larry & Rosemary Mild
ISBN 978-0-9838597-2-7 Magic Island Literary Works (2nd Edition)

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